If you are looking for a fantastic experience for you and your family while on holiday in Thailand, there are plenty of options that are open for you. A popular attraction for people of all ages is to experience elephants, up close and personal, and there are many ethical elephant camps where you can do this. If you like the sound of spending a day with the elephants and getting to know more about them, below is what you can expect when you and your family visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

Getting To The Elephant Park

When you are looking to go to an elephant nature park, Thailand has many options available to you, and places such as Elephant Jungle Sanctuary have locations in Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya. The day at the parks starts similarly, and when you book a visit, you will be collected from your hotel or apartment early in the morning and be driven by van to the destination. On the way, you may watch an informational video that gives you more details about the park, why and when it was set up, and how it is run daily.

Arriving At The Park

When you arrive at the park you will be greeted by one of the workers who will walk you through the complex ad explain the itinerary for the day. They will also give you more information about the elephants in their park and will take you to get changed into the traditional clothes worn by the Karen people. When you are dressed, it is then time to meet the elephants!

Feeding The Elephants

The elephants enjoy their routine, and when the days visitors arrive, they will usually be waiting for you as this means they are going to eat. You will be taken to the feeding area and given baskets of food to feed each elephant, getting to know the personality of each, as well as hearing about their individual stories.

Afternoon At The Park

After you have met the elephants, you will then be taken for your traditional Thai lunch, which will also include plenty of fruit for you to eat, as well as other refreshments. Once you have finished your lunch, you will then walk with the elephants down to the river when you can watch them enjoy playing in the mud and help them to take a bath. There will be lots of photo opportunities, so make sure that you take a camera. When you have finished it will be time to walk back to the visitor centre before boarding your transport and heading back to your accommodation. Your visit is certain to give you plenty of fantastic memories, as well as pictures of your visit to the park, that will last with you for a lifetime.