Suppose you are going to be travelling to Phuket in Thailand on holiday and while you are there you will be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion. In that case, you may wish to arrange a surprise celebration. There are many ways that you can create an awesome surprise, and below are a few ideas to help you get started.

A Private Meal For Two

There are many hotels, resorts, and restaurants that can assist you in creating a private dinner in Phuket to help you celebrate. You may wish to speak to the hotel or resort that you are staying in and see if they can arrange a private dinner on the beach, or in a secluded part of their grounds. Many upmarket restaurants may also be able to offer this service, and you can have a wonderful dinner for two in beautiful exotic surroundings, which will make fantastic memories of your trip to Thailand.

Charter A Private Yacht

Another excellent way that you can give the surprise of a lifetime is to charter a private yacht and spend the day sailing around Phuket. You can also make a picnic that you can take with you and set up for lunch on a deserted beach somewhere, giving the two of you some alone time in a tropical paradise. Many charter companies can arrange the food for you, or you can do this yourself, one thing is for sure though, you will never forget your celebrations on a private yacht as you sail and explore the coast of Phuket.

An Overnight Trek In The Jungle

You may also wish to consider booking with a tour company that will take your overnight trekking in the jungle. When you get to your camp for the evening, you can arrange for a special dinner for the two of you and maybe even a bottle of bubbly or two. A significant benefit of this is that you get to see the real Thailand and explore what the country has to offer, while also surprising your partner and celebrate in a way that they are sure not to forget.

Hire A Private Villa

Another option that you may wish to consider is hiring a luxurious private villa and cooking yourself, ensuring that you create a meal that your partner will love. There will be much less for you to arrange if your villa has all the amenities you need to cook a delicious meal for two. After your dinner, you can relax outside and watch the stars or go for a dip in your private pool or jacuzzi.